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I have a love hate relationship with options. To few of them and I freak out, to many of them and I shut down. With that being said it has taken me a while to come up with a few things that I absolutely love and wouldn’t dare live without for the time being. So here we go…

First off shoes ~ I love footwear just as much as the next fashion hoarder and these babies take the cake. I’ve been looking for a strappy pair of heels that come in my shoe sizes (11) for the longest time and I finally found for an affordable price. Like any heel I can’t walk around with for hours on end but these are a nice alternative to the stiletto heel. I loved the black pair so much that I obviously bought the nude version as well :).

Burkenstoks have been uber popular for a while now and I don’t see them going away anytime soon. Various brands refer to this shoe style differently but they’re burkes. I will say that these are a bit more on the fashionie side style wise but they are just as comfortable as any burkenstok I’ve ever tried on. All three pairs of shoes are from target.

Skin & Hair ~ I have natural hair and for the moment its super short and easy to maintain. My hair routine is super simple. The suave almond + shea butter line make my hair feel clean but not dried out like other drugstore branded hair products. For the last month I’ve been doing the LOC method to keep my hair nice and soft and moisturized. I always thought this method was complete hogwash but it really does work. After washing or Co-washing my hair I apply the Taliah Waajid leave-in conditioner. Then I put a quarter size amount of olive in my hair. Lastly I apply the As I Am doublebutter cream. All three of these things work wonderful in my hair. The as I am is a little pricey but a little bit goes a long way and its totally worth the price.

I’m not super picky with the body soaps I choose to use but I might start after using this body wash. It’s the Mina Organics Argan Oil body wash. I picked it up at my local Ross because it smelled good but it makes my skin feel super soft and I can’t imagine living without out it. The only downside of this product is that I’ve only seen it at Ross and nowhere. I couldn’t even find it on Amazon or Ebay :(. So for now whenever I see it at my local Ross I make sure to pick it up.

I don’t have much of a skin care routine but I have been enjoying certain skin care products. The clean and clear deep action cream cleanser (pictured above) makes my face feel nice and refreshed after using it. I kinda wish it didn’t give me that “refreshing tingle” but I’ve learned to live with it.

Skin + Makeup ~ Like I said before I don’t have much of a skin care routine but I have been loving these two Simple brand skin care products. I really like the face cream for everyday use by its self and underneath my make up. I like to use the cleansing water after I take my makeup off with a make up wipe. I don’t feel that it’s strong enough to use on its own.

I have been loving the hell out of this Nars foundation. It looks amazing on my skin. This foundation is not perfect by any means. It doesn’t work with all skin types and can change on your tone. So its best to get a sample of it before committing to it fully. The concealer is amazeballs, no complaints there.

This Loreal spray is pretty good. I had a dance recital recently and my makeup did not budge. The shea moisture powder is more of a pretty blush on me verses an actually contour shade which is fine. Im still on the hunt for products to contour with.

Last but not least the newest Loreal eyeshadow palette. The colors are very pretty but i have to wear primer or a maybelline color tattoo so that they show up on me.

Honorable Mentions (totally forget these ^__^) ~

This Aveeno lotion is a pretty good moisturizer. It soaks into the skin super fast. These garnier wipes are really good too. They have replaced my all time favorite Neutrogena wipes. They remove makeup very well but I always go in with the simple water right after to get anything I missed.


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