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First Date Tag

Hey guys I’m back again with a YouTube tag video. I’m making an active effort to regularly upload videos; hopefully I actually stick to it ^__^. YOUTUBE ~~~~> 
1. How long does it take you to get ready for a date?
2. What’s your idea of a perfect first date?
a) Dinner
b) Drinks
c) Cinema
d) Adventurous dates
3. What would you gravitate more towards to wear on a date …
a) Jeans
b) Trousers
c) Skirt
d) Dress
4. On the date of your choice what makeup would you wear
a) Girl next door
b) Smokey and sexy
c) Bold lip
d) Bright’s
5. Your date says you have half an hour to be ready what do you do?
6. Your date asks for the bill, do you …
a) Offer to pay – with actual meaning to pay
b) Make a fake fuss – with no intention of paying
c) Expect him to pay straight away
Do you go out with him again?
7. It’s time to say goodbye you really like your date do you …
a) Wave
b) Hug
c) Kiss on the cheek
d) Peck
e) Full on smooch

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