Influenster Daisy VoxBox

I recently was gifted my first every Influenster Voxbox, The Daisy Box. I made a whole a whole video Youtube (Daisy VoxBox) about my experience. If you wanna see what I got and how I felt about these products please click this link Daisy VoxBox or search Jules Vlogs. *I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*


Live Fit

Hey y'all, I've been actively trying to improve on my overall healthy for the last two years. I don't have a goal weight, I've never had one. I've always been a little on the round side so to say that I have a goal weight is pointless for me because I don't know what a… Continue reading Live Fit


R is for Reading

  So my friend in my head Shirley B. Eniang posted this tag on her blog recently and I thought it would be great thing to do as well. I know I haven't blogged about anything in a really long time but school got in the way. Luckily I'm finishing up my Bachelors in three… Continue reading R is for Reading

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Current Favorites

I have a love hate relationship with options. To few of them and I freak out, to many of them and I shut down. With that being said it has taken me a while to come up with a few things that I absolutely love and wouldn't dare live without for the time being. So… Continue reading Current Favorites


Shades Of Grey

Another Youtube video!!!!I was inspired by the new movie 50 shades of grey (no i haven't read the books) and the Beyonce haunted video. I kept forgetting things in the video because of nerves, but i hope yall enjoy this video anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwGlCctl9hI